Fiberthree PA Pure Lite

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Technical filament from polyamide modified for 3D-printing in FFF.

Material Properties

Material shows excellent strength with excellent impact resistance and reduced warping behaviour.
Recommended for all high strength parts with good heat- and media resistance.
The material can be used as a baseline for comparison of the fiber addition impact or where fibers or conductivity is not wanted in the printed part.
The material differs from PA PurePro by increased heat absorption in the melting process and a decreased moisture sensitivity.
Printed parts show an excellent smooth surface finish.

Handling Notes

The material differs from F3 PA-CF Lite as it is unfilled.
The material has to be kept dry for reliable print results under all conditions.
Aanbevolen print temperatuur 260ºC - 300ºC
Aanbevolen bed temperatuur 70ºC - 80ºC
Krimp Weinig
Glass Transition Temperatuur 88ºC
Dichtheid 1,14g/cm3
Heat Deflection Temperatuur 90ºC
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